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PLEASE NOTE: If you are really a total beginner with no idea about internet tools and related software, I really don't suggest you start here, but rather go to our explanation page First Things First to get a little more background. But if you do know what it's all about, then JUMP IN!

Your Essential Review to Software and Services and Very Quick, Quick-Start Guide To Starting an Internet Business

Here I have listed and reviewed the key software and services to get you started with a life online. It's a great adventure. Have fun:

There are 3 Basic Steps: Follow these

Step 1

First you will need software to make your site.

Up until now, the learning curve for good quality site building software has been steep, daunting and far from intuitive so that trying to build a site has caused many to give up or spend months trying to get it to work.

What was needed was something truly professional in its ability to get an outstanding site made but also straightforward enough for beginners to be able to be able cope with, areas that Frontpage and Dreamweaver, for example, though excellent, are not renowned for.

Well, filling the bill is a first class piece of very comprehensive BUT easy-to-use-site building software that I now use for all my site building work, called XSitePro. Click here to view the "7 Reasons Why You Need XSitePro Now!" video Truly surprisingly easy-to-use, yet with so many of the features that you have seen in stand-alone scripts and software elsewhere that are built-in, it is like a constant pleasure to use. I love it.

Pros:  Extremely, quick, multi-featured, and if you are familiar with word processing software, extremely easy to use, plus it is one of the cheapest site building softwares available.

Cons: Support is generally quick, by submitting a ticket, but they do have Saturday and Sunday off. Would you believe it!?

To find out more with no obligation (no charge for looking just click on the box. And if you do try it out it's RISK FREE!! An ideal No-Questions Asked Get Your Money Back Guarantee!! You have nothing to lose. 

Review rating: Out of 5 StarsOut of 5 StarsOut of 5 StarsOut of 5 Stars ½

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Step 2

You will now need to register the domain name for your site: This is the part after where 'somethingname' is the name you want for your online business. You can register cheaply these days, think around a maximum $10 a year for a site, though, beware, some are considerably more, and from all accounts, offering atrocious service, too. (They just happened to be one of the first to sell domain at the beginning of the Web and haven't yet forgotten those salad days.)  

Generally, I have found GoDaddy to be very cheap and reliable (that's very important). I now have many sites with them and have had no problems to date, so I am very satisfied. All my nameserver transfers have gone very smoothly, which is not what you always hear about other domain registrars. There is even a special offer at the moment, so take advantage of it while you can.

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  Sorry, if it's over by the time you get there. But, they will still be cheap.

Review rating: Out of 5 StarsOut of 5 StarsOut of 5 StarsOut of 5 Stars 

Step 3

You have your site built, you have registered your name, now all you need to do is get it hosted. 'Hosting' is having your site stored on remote servers (think computers in a location not at your office or home) so that anyone can view your site 24/7 just like you are viewing this one (thank you :-). My recommendation is for a company that offers real 24/7 support via online chat - a must when you have a question that requires an answer in the middle of the night - ahh, which is when they usually seem to arise. The company is Hostgator - we are using them for this site. Get your package now. Start small, you can upgrade anytime. 

Review rating: Out of 5 StarsOut of 5 StarsOut of 5 StarsOut of 5 Stars ½

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Click Here Now for Hostgator-Recommended Hosting Choice


Right, well. that's it. Those are all the basic steps to get your site going. Along the way, you will find things confusing at times, but the products I have recommended are the one's I have used. And if a complete dummy like myself can do it with absolutely no one to give me help apart from the guys at tech support, then I'm sure, you can, too.

Once, you've done all the steps above, a very well-earned 'Well done!' (If you haven't, then get cracking, now. Only your action will make it happen. Take one step at a time, and you will be surprised how things progress.) It is no  mean feat you have just accomplished, and if I have helped clear away just some of the smoke, well, I'm very glad.

What's more, when you have completed all the steps above, got a nice, professional looking site, and got it hosted so that the world can see you all day and every day, it is very satisfying. But remember: the world can only see you if they can find you. It's now your job to tell the world where you are.

That, however, is the subject of another page (well, many other pages, in fact). But let's go one step at a time, shall we? Get your feet wet first, see how to get a site going and then let's tackle the 'See Me, See My Site' requirement.

To Your Success,



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The software that we DO recommend is generally the result of long hard experiences with the kind you DON'T want to know about. We'll show you the tools and services that reflect our dedication to EEQM, Easy, Economical and Quick to Master. Sometimes, they'll even have the 'WOW, why didn't I know about this before?' factor. Tried and tested. Reassuring, isn't it? Now. Get to work!

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