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Setting Up Your Own Online Business To Work From Home

The lure of working from home to make money without having to make the daily commute is a powerful Siren's call that has attracted thousands if not millions in just the last few years. Imagine, organizing your life to suit yourself. Getting up when you want. Finishing when you want. No more kowtowing to a pitiless boss or unsympathetic co-workers or those who don't share your concerns.

Imagine taking those holidays to a faraway paradise, with the gentle tides of an azure sea lapping at your feet as your aches and pains are massaged away by the skillful masseuse your 5 Star hotel has supplied for you. The chilled drink is at your elbow, and the care of the world are a thousand miles away....

Now, that is the kind of business we all should be getting into, but a little reality check is advisable at this , because although this scenario is certainly not impossible, if you are just starting out, you must be aware of one very important thing:

  • Success will not come overnight
  • It will not come at the press of a button.

Well, alright, that is two things, but I didn't want to dampen your enthusiasm, immediately.

It is true that an Internet business is a growing reality for many people, giving the newcomer the chance to make their mark and get established.

But, I have to tell you, it is highly unlikely to come instantly. Like any endeavor it will require dedication, prodigious amounts of work and considerable patience for all but the lucky few.

I have given you a headstart on the other pages of this site, showing you what, at a minimum, is necessary tool wise and service-wise to get up and running much more quickly than I did, and without wasting a lot of time as I did, not knowing then, what I really did need to have in the way of an Internet arsenal.

Go through those pages, follow my recommendations and you will be 90% there. The rest is what you bring to the table; the ideas, the products, the services and the dedication.

I shall expand these guidelines in due course, but for now, for further inspiration, check out the business books and calls available at AudioBooks for download to MP3s and iPods

To Your Success,

SImon Loveday

Internet businesses come in all shapes and forms. Join us to create the internet business of your dreams.

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