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If your computer is unprotected, you could be at HIGH RISK for Data Theft, Viruses, Worms and a host of other malacious attacks that can disable your system and cause great financial loss. Beware!

Viruses, Worms, Trojans, Identity Theft - The Threats Keep Growing

Each year the number of computer users suffering from computer slowdowns, strange behaviour (this may be because of too much caffeine, sugar, solar flares or disturbances from significant others, too but we can't go into that today) malacious attacks, and identity theft is growing exponientally simply because some basic precautions that would keep your data and your computer at a far higher level of security and preparedness are being ignored.

The losses in time and money when you are affected by any of the far too numerous threats now roaming the internet can be huge. The most important passwords, often to bank and company accounts, are generally stored on personal computers, and without a proper system to protect them and your other vital documents is like leaving home and not bothering to lock the doors and windows.

And for some hackers it's like tacking a sign on the front of the house saying 'Walk In, We're Out Now'.

The solution is simple. Get the very best Security Software you can. Our favorite is the AVG security software that is not only highly rated but is also very reasonably priced.

AVG is by Grissoft who not only make software for personal use, but is also a major vendor for large corporations and their heavy duty requirements. This means they are fully aware of all the latest threats and respond with updates 24/7. We have found them to be very good and it allows us to sleep a little easier at night. I particularly like the email scans it does of every incoming post even though my provider provides a First Level set of filters.

So, make certain you are Fully Protected Today!   Tomorrow may be too late!

Pro-Rated SoftwarePro-Rated SoftwarePro-Rated SoftwarePro-Rated SoftwarePro-Rated SoftwareAVG - For Internet Security & Peace Of Mind

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