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Autoresponders in Review -
The Absolutely Essential Tool?

Now that you have got your site designed and hosted after following the previous steps (See Getting Started Online Very Quickly if you haven't got that far, yet) you now face the following tasks:

  1. Building a List
  2. Managing your data
    and if you have digital or physical products to sell
  3. Getting Your Products Safely & Securely Sold

      (I'm in a hurry. Take me to the choices now!)

First, let's take a look at No 1, Building Your List

Wait! What does it mean, 'Building Your List'?

Simply put, List Building is the process of gathering and collating, at a minimum, the names and email addresses of the people who visit your site and wish to maintain a relationship with you.

Without doubt, List Building is one of the essential aspects of building a business on the web, and most experts would say that it is key to your long term success. Why? Well, by building a list of people who have come to your site and decided that they like what they see enough to part with some personal data, you will have created a long-term asset for yourself.

In other words, the people who sign up to receive more information from you, either by direct emails or via an 'EZine' or newsletter from you, are people who are interested in the topic or products you have written about or displayed. They are your 'hungry crowd' who will be potentially more willing to buy your products or services when you contact them again. Consequently, you will want your site's visitors to register themselves with you.

What Is The Best Way, Then, To Build  A List?

Well, you could, of course, ask them to just send you their email address to your site's address and this is a very economical way to start. And, if you only have a few dozen people to look after, it should be manageable. But, what happens when you have a few hundred, or even a few thousand to contact? Can you see chaos looming? Imagine trying to sort everyone out and then deal with people who want to unsubscribe. Or people from different web sites you control who have different tastes.

And so, it goes on. Feel like giving up, now? Well, have no fear, because you are starting at a time when many of these teething troubles have been inspiration for some great pieces of software.

Enter the Autoresponders

These magnificent systems are your 'Secretary-In-A-Box'. Not only will they control, collate, and organize your opt-in subscribers (just as I hope you have become for my list :-) but they also offer one other extremely important extra benefit, which you will never want to be without, once you have it up and running.

The 5 Star Feature

You see, once you have received a subscriber's contact details, you will be able to automatically send them either an individual or a timed series of messages over days or weeks in a predetermined sequence.

Let's say, for instance, that you would like to send a series of 10 messages over a period a one month. Well, with your auto responder in place and set accordingly, you can arrange for each new visitor to receive each message from 1~10 at exactly the interval that you think is appropriate.

It Gets Better

Do you see the power and the beauty of this? Automatically, you can arrange to have each new visitor to receive the information you want them to have in the order you want them to receive it no matter when they join your list!

And once you have set up the sequence you will not have to touch it again if you are happy with the message you are delivering.

I am sure you can now see just how important this is.

Which AutoResponder to Get, Then?

I am glad you asked. There are now quite a few to choose from, but there are also a few caveats to be aware of. In particular:

  • Deliverability
  • Limitations on Mailings
  • Here Today, Gone Tomorrow Factor

Deliverability First

If you have an auto responder, you will want to be sure that the messages that you have slaved over to ensure their perfection are actually getting to your subscribers. One way to ensure this is to have a double optin. This not :only confirms your subscribers' email address but also helps you to drastically reduce the prospect of being called a 'spammer' - a fate coming pretty close to internet death.

Limitations on Mailings

Some programs may restrict the number or frequency of mailings you can make, or they may ask you to include other parties' advertising in your messages, which may or may not be appropriate for your site

Here Today, Gone Tomorrow

Some auto responder companies may, of course, not be around tomorrow, so all your effort creating your lists and messages may disappear. So, be careful who you choose.

And The Nominations are...

I have looked at several alternatives, and it has been a close run event. Essentially, there are 4 that deserve special mention, each with its own distinctive flavour. So the nominations are.....

  • Aweber

  • GetResponse

  • NetOfficeToolBox

  • Mail Loop 7

Aweber is extremely comprehensive, a great, economical, program that does all you will ever require for an auto responder/list building, ezine organizing program. Moreover, being hosted by Aweber on their servers you don't need to worry what to do if your computer decides to croak on you. All your data is safe with them (unless, of course....but, no, we shouldn't worry too much, should we? :-)

GetResponse is a strong contender with some great features. A monthly, remotely hosted service that is very full featured. Unlimited autoreponders are part of the plan and they offer attractive yearly discounts, too. Well worth checking. Thumbs up from us.

NetOfficeToolBox is a slightly newer player, but its strength lies in the fact that it integrates its autoresponder service together with a shopping cart for physical and digital products plus a merchant card account. Now, this has to be pure heaven if you are considering selling products yourself and not just acting as an information center. Naturally, for both services, it costs a little extra, but for one-stop, all services simplicity it is outstanding.

Finally, we have Mail Loop 7. Mail Loop 7 is a 5 star product, too, but this one is software that you operate from your own computer. A one time purchase fee means that it is more economical over the long run, but you have to set it up and maintain it yourself.

So, there you have it.

Choice No 1

AWeber Demo
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Choice No 2

GetResponseMake Your Site Sizzle! - Check Out The 'GetResponse' AutoResponder Here

Choice No 3

NetOfficeToolBox's Very Modest Link That Hides a Ton of Power

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And finally,

Choice No 4

Mail Loop 7's proposal

"How to make 45% MORE money by automating your e-mail!"

Do you spend MORE THAN 4 HOURS each week answering your e-mail?

If you are like a lot of home-based business owners, you've probably noticed that you are losing precious time each week dealing with repetitive e-mail chores.

But did you know there is software that will HELP YOU automate 60% - 85% of these tasks?

Once you've automated your customer follow-up e-mails (it's easy with the right tools), you can expect to see a 30% - 45% increase in sales -- immediately!

To read more about how you can automate your e-mail, click here now.


And there you have it. Four Choices...

Choice 1   Aweber - For the Remotely Hosted Total AutoResponder Solution

Choice 2   GetResponse - Full featured, Remotely Hosted Mailing Solution

Choice 3   NetOfficeToolBox - The AutoResponder PLUS Shopping Cart and Affiliate Manager

Choice 3   MailLoop 7 - The Economical AutoResponder Plus that you have on your own computer 


I hope that has helped to clear up another mystery - that of how these internet pros can be in contact with so many people, just at the right time, too. They all have and use autoresponders.

Any of these are worth every penny of their costs. Just think how much time they will save you, and you will realize the extraordinary 'must have' benefits of these programs.

To your success,


Back To Those AutoResponders

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