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First Things First- How to Build Your Website 

The Key Steps for Small Business, Schools or Family Websites

Although there is not necessarily a fixed order to these things, I think you may want to try going through the process this way.

As I say, I am going to keep things as simple as possible. So, where to start?

There are 3 Action Steps to take:

(To skip the whys and wherefores go to Action Step 1 (bottom of page). See Help! Getting A Site on the Internet in 5 Easy Steps for an overview of all the steps in article format. Remember, though, this page is only the first piece in the puzzle. See Action Step 2 at Step 2 Getting a Domain Name)

Step 1

I shall assume you have an idea for your business. (You don't? Well, I will come to that in due course.) You may want to expand your offline business to online - an excellent thing to do. You may even have a particular product or range of products you want to sell. (If you can't think of an area to promote for a moment, browse some online audio books for some stimulation. Visit for some great ideas.)

So, how do you get online?

Well, if you have A LOT OF MONEY you can pay someone to do it for you. Now, you may find people saying they will do it cheaply for you. And they may. At first. But the likelihood is you will not be satisfied, you will want to change some things, add some things, delete some things, perhaps change a colour here or there. I think you get the picture. Now, if you do have a lot of money - and are not interested in the fun and excitement (truly) of creating your own site, then, pay some more, and more, and get someone to do it for you.  But if you are a small businessman just starting on the internet or someone keen to do-it-yourself, then, there is a better way.

Build you own site.

Difficult? Well, if you can use a word processor, then, frankly 'No'. Not any more. Note that I am not suggesting you learn HTML (the language of web pages) to do so. No, that will be an exercise in considerable angst and you may give up before you are anywhere near getting started. (Remember, I am talking to the novices here. If you are already familiar with HTML, then you probably will be set to make your own site, although the recommendation I am about to make will make things a lot easier for you if you have been coding it all manually to date.)

No, site building has changed in the last year or so. Today, one of the easiest ways of building a site is with a great piece of software by Intellimon that has been gaining admiration from many, many quarters. Ridiculously, easy. When I found it and discovered just how rich in features and easy to use it was, I was quite overjoyed to say the least. It did so much, so easily, it was just an unbelievable discovery. I would be loathe to give it up at gunpoint, it is so much an integral part of my online work.

Consider This: No More Yearly Renewals

Another factor that was a clincher for me, was the fact that as this is an outright purchase, you will not be locked into annual subscriptions for each site. While this is arguably not a factor when you only have one site, when you start making multiple sites, this can become a very expensive option. One company that has a very good product, nevertheless charges $299 a year per site! Now, this is not exactly comparing apples with pears (and I hope to cover this in future reviews) but this is more than the outright purchase of Intellimon's product with which you can make hundreds of sites.  You do the math, as they say. Click here to view the "7 Reasons Why You Need XSitePro Now!" video

Alright, enough of the rapture, you scream, let me get my hands on it. Fair enough, but just let me say, it has made my online life enjoyable. For all that it does, it is an absolute bargain.  

So, get started now with a RISK FREE Guarantee

Action Step 1 Click here for more information on XSitePro 

Internet businesses come in all shapes and forms. Join us to create the internet business of your dreams.

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